Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Transitional Tunic Dress

Soooooo, you know how I said I really loved that Between Seasons vintagey blouse that I made here? And I also said there were so many ways I could change it up a bit to make different looks? Well, I made a tunic dress version from the blouse for K and it turned out super fab! Check it out:

You definitely notice the pleats more in a solid color but it looks like I will have to put an invisible stitch into that top pleat to hold it down. Notice how it's gaping open in the larger picture above? But other than that, I really love how the tunic turned out.

Once the weather starts to cool around here, she can throw on some fun leggings and boots and she'll be ready to go!

Instead of buttons, I went with a zipper on this one. I didn't have a purple zipper so I went with a contrasting one in sky blue. I think the contrast is kind of cute! A red zipper would've worked as well but I didn't have one of those either! Sounds like I need to go do some stocking up, hmm?

I also really loooove red and purple together! There's just something really cheerful and fun about that combination. The ric rac belt is also fun although I didn't attach it permanently to the dress because my daughter likes to wear it without a belt as well. It has a much more dressed down feeling without it and it is super adorable with black and white leggings and Converses!

I have another idea about how I wanted to "flip" my original pattern but you'll have to wait to see that one another time. I've taken a small break from sewing for a bit so I can focus on an upcoming birthday party. I hope to share some of the projects I'm making some time this week! I love diy-ing party decor almost as much as I love sewing. Almost... ;-)

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a lovely week!


  1. Cute dress for lil' girl! I like the pleat and color combo, really looks vintage dress. Good job, Julia!

  2. What a lovely dress. Girly, but in this color combinations sporty at the same time. Very nice!

  3. I love red and purple together too :) And this dress is too stickin' cute! I love the idea of the leggings once it get cooler too.


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