Tuesday, July 16, 2013

KCW Day Two: Floral on Floral

All right- so I had intended to work on something for my oldest boy that was to be featured today, but that project is going to take some time to perfect or scrapped entirely. Instead, I put together a quick sweetheart top and paired it with lightweight corduroy shorts with blue floral embroidery. 

The shorts used to be a pair of paper bag style pants that I made earlier this year but since my daughter didn't like to wear them at all, I cut and hemmed them to become shorts and suddenly she loves them. So weird how that works, huh? 

I sewed up a quick sweetheart tank top for her after the boy project stalled last night. It's made from a thrifted Ralph Lauren skirt in 100% cotton and I just fell in love with the gorgeous print on sight. Navy blue, red and yellow are a great combination and also reminiscent of Snow White who just happens to be my daughter's favorite Disney Princess right now. 

Haha-the picture above is her idea of "striking a pose."  

I absolutely love the floral on floral combination. 

This was my first time working with piping and making a sweetheart neckline. It was not difficult at all! And I love ric rac and knew the hemline needed this extra detail. It's sweet, fun, and colorful.

I made the headband for her this morning. She's currently growing out her bangs so these come in pretty handy at holding all that hair back from her face.

We love this refreshing color combination as well as the combination of floral prints. I have enough fabric leftover from that same skirt to make a little something for myself as well- super duper excited about that!

That completes my KCW Day 2 challenge. I'm gonna try really really hard to complete a boy project before the end of the KCW summer challenge. It just takes a little more time and effort than sewing for a girl but I am gonna do it. I really am. See you tomorrow for day 3!

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