Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Favorite Printed Knits

A fellow blogger asked where I could find some fun patterned knits as seen on the cool modern leggings in my previous post, Fall Inspiration: Kids Leggings. I initially thought to make my own stamped fabrics to use in creating custom leggings for my kiddos this fall, but if that didn't work out so well, I thought I'd better do some research and keep a few favorite printed knits on my to-buy list just in case! Then I thought I'd share my digital fabric stash with you all in case you needed ideas as well so here it is! Enjoy!

I love sites that specialize in a certain fabric and Girl Charlee is one of my favs. I've ordered from them about three times since I started sewing/blogging seriously and I have not been disappointed yet! Here's some cool fun knits available from them that I think would look super on leggings:




Check out Girl Charlee's latest knits here! They're all so gorgeous and perfect for leggings! is also another great site that I could spend hours perusing! I found a ton of fun knits that were on sale for less than $4/yard! That would mean two pairs of cool leggings for only $4- maybe even a third pair for the baby! =) Here's some prints available from them:



Cedar House Fabrics on Etsy stocks some very gorgeous modern print fabrics in a variety of colors. In addition to these knits below, they have just an amazing assortment of organic woven cotton in beautiful colors, patterns, and prints. You'll be a new fan the first time you visit!

The Fabric Fairy also has some fun knits available- I especially love the magazine print knit- it even comes in hot pink!


Hawthorne Threads carries mostly quilting cottons but I did manage to find a couple of knits on this popular fabric site that could be used for leggings:


I hope this little digital fabric stash helps you out! And remember you can always create your own design on sites like Spoonflower (the only stretch fabric available is interlocking knit for $27/yard) or DIY it at home with fabric paints which the designer in me is yearning to do so right now!


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    1. Thanks Venus, isn't it all great eye candy? I wish I could have all of it in my actual stash just to look at! =)


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