Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Little Surf Monster Hoodie and Shorts Set

I had so much fun making this set for my littlest guy! He was in desperate need of some more summer clothes because he gets filthy so fast that I find myself doing laundry more than once a week. And who likes planning their week around laundry anyway? Blah!

 Right now, he's still too small for his brother's toddler-sized hand-me-downs but he's also outgrown his infant-sized clothing- making him the perfect candidate for the latest handmades! Lucky guy, huh? 

This outfit came together because I wanted something fun, colorful, summer-y, and filled with his personality. And I've always had a thing for those cute spiked hoods for boys too so why not throw that in as well?

I truly enjoyed planning this set for him- who says boy clothes have to be boring? The challenge of creating something fun and colorful and boyish isn't as difficult as some people may think. In fact, I'm already onto the next fun boy outfit! But first, a little more about this one, yeah?

He melts my heart with that smile! 

His hoodie has a large front pocket -not that he ever uses it- but it adds a little color and detail to the front of the top. The hoodie is made from a very lightweight and soft sweater material in a gray heather. The v-neck, armholes and bottom hem are left unfinished- a total surfer dude thing, right? I wouldn't know for sure- I live smack dab in the middle of the Midwest so I'm loosely interpreting what I think is "surfer" style. It works for my Midwest surfer dude anyway. =)

The printed fabric (one of my favorite thrifting finds) is an oatmeal linen with a very modern turquoise and brown pattern. You'll definitely be seeing more of this fabric in use in the future!

And the shorts are a violet colored denim that adds the perfect punch of color without being too loud or too girly. 

I love how the color-blocked shorts turned out! You can't see the pockets very well but they look like little half moons and are super adorable! Again- he'll probably never use them but it's just a little detail that makes the shorts as cute as they are!

I love those monster spikes on the hood! He looks so freaking cute with the hood on but he's constantly trying to rip it off like it offends him! Haha! But just in case you want to know, I did stuff the spikes with some poly-fil fiber to help it keep it's shape. It doesn't weigh the hood down too much either and really helps the spikes to stand straight up when the hood is pulled up.

Can you spot the monster? He enjoys impromptu games of peek-a-boo, can ya tell? That's my monster and I love him in this outfit! 

More sewing for boys coming soon- I'm really enjoying it a ton more than I thought I would! Thanks for stopping by today and make sure to come back and see what else I'm making for my little monster. Can someone say cardigan?


  1. Your little monster is adorable! I love how both pieces turned out, I think I'm going to have to make a set of monster hoodies for my boys. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you! Have fun making those for your boys!

  2. Super cute outfit! Lucky boy, he has creative mommy! :)

  3. Really cute and great color combination. Thanks for linking to the Craftastic Monday party at Sew Can Do!


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