Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Top 20 Favorite Free Clothing Patterns

Who doesn't love free patterns??? I absolutely adore bloggers and experienced sewists who share their expertise with us so we can create some cool handmades for ourselves! And believe me, I follow any blogger who offers free patterns and tutorials because I learn so much from them!

Here, I have rounded up some of my favorites- some I have worked with, others that are still on my to-do list but all of them are modern, fun, easy to read and sew with and FREE!!! They include patterns for women, children and baby. Enjoy!

1. I'm in love with this frock from Grosgrain Fabulous! I can't wait to make my own soon!

2. I just made a pair of these and they're pretty fab for kids! You Call It Pant from Suburbia Soup.

3. And while you're at Suburbia Soup, don't forget to download this super duper cute slip dress pattern as well! I'm working on one later this week for my daughter.

4. I admire and adore these cute and modern patterns from Compagnie M. This talented lady is also great at choosing her fabrics and I can't help but stare at her amazing work wishing I could be that awesome as well!

5. My daughter, and several other little girls I know, will be getting one of these come Christmas! Caila from Caila Made offers a free pattern for this cute capelet over at Clever Charlotte. And don't forget to make a stop over at Caila Made to check out her other awesome free patterns/tutorials! I use her Summer Shorts pattern for my own kiddos!

6. Just in time for fall sewing! E-cords from Running with Scissors. The pattern only comes in size 18m but that's perfect for my little guy. Aren't these just so darn cute? I can't wait to start sewing for fall already, haha!

7. I'm a sucker for cuffs and pleats and these shorts have BOTH! From Zuzzy, these come in a size 18-24M only. I'm going to attempt to enlarge them for my daughter because they're so freaking adorable!

8. For either Spring or Fall, this raglan sweater is a perfect sewing project! I love her colorful version for Spring but the possibilities are endless! Pattern by Helen Crafty Stall. Pssst- she also offers a free pattern and tutorial for size 3/4T casual pants so make sure to check those out as well while you're over there!

9. Melly Sews is the go-to blog for anyone who wants to learn how to sew! It was one of the first sites I started following and am now addicted to and she offers some fab free patterns and great tutorials for all to enjoy! My favorite right now is the bias trim shorts!

10. If you are sewing for your kids, Elegance & Elephants is a must-read, must-follow blog! I find Heidi's work so inspiring, fresh, and modern and am absolutely awed by her fantastic workmanship! She's offering the Pleated Playsuit pattern for free, as well as a couple others- isn't that just awesome?!

11. Colette Patterns offers these cute bloomers for free download on their site. These make for a great beginner sewing project and you get to lounge around and look cute after you're done making them!

12. I'm a sucker for peter pan collars, I admit, so I just couldn't resist this free pattern either! Isn't it lovely? From Small DreamFactory, it comes in sizes 9M-2T. She also offers a lot of other patterns on her blog- baby clothes and soft toys! Score!

13. Perfect for lazy days at the beach or pool, these towel robes can be personalized for each child! Free pattern and tutorial via Sew Mama Sew.

14. Shwin and Shwin is another must-read blog if you sew for kids. I enjoy her aesthetic and excellent craftsmanship and have used several of her patterns for my own kids. They have not failed me yet and I'm always so excited to see a new pattern release- her work is truly that inspiring! Get a ton of free patterns here as well as some available for sale. Definitely worth the money!

15. This is another site that's in my Top Ten must-read sewing blogs: Dana MADE It offers patterns for sale and some for free, as well as a ton of free tutorials on how to make fabulous clothes for your littles! I read this blog religiously and refer to it for sewing techniques and tricks. You'll love it too, I promise! Find the pattern above here and then make sure to check out all her other great tutorials!

16. Oliver and S is a premier pattern shop that offers absolutely lovely kids clothes patterns! I find it difficult not to ooh and ahh over each and every single one of their designs- it's just that good. They also offer a couple of free patterns like this reversible bucket hat that I can't wait to try out. Hopefully my hats will be done in time for the State Fair!

17. Sabra over at Sew a Straight Line is so freakin' talented and I'm so jealous! The ruched romper above can be found here but she has a ton of tutorials and patterns for women, boys, home, etc. etc. She's pretty wonderful, isn't she?

18. Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional is another one of those bloggers I stalk  follow religiously. She doesn't offer free downloads on her blog but her tutorials are so clear and easy to follow that you can easily draft and sew a dress for your little girl all by yourself! I love the Sweet and Sassy dress above but she offers tons of other tutorials for women, baby, and home decor.

19. Smashed Peas and Carrots is an awesome craft blog that offers TONS, and I mean literally TONS, of tutorials for everything crafty! The crossover pinafore above is one of my favorite free patterns from this blog! Make sure to check out all the other great tutorials she offers, it's worth the time!

20. StraightGrain's Peplum Bubble Dress was one of the first patterns I ever used and it turned out beautifully! I love this blog's vintage modern aesthetic and love the work she does! She also offers a couple of other lovely patterns/tutorials that won't disappoint so do check those out while you're visiting!


  1. Wow, what an awesome roundup! Some of these patterns I had never seen before, thank you! And you should for sure make those bucket hats, my kids each have one and they are AWESOME :)
    Heidi @

    1. Thanks, Heidi! I'm definitely going to make each and every one of these- I just need about 12 more hours to each day! Haha!

  2. Thank you, Julia for including my patterns! Now get sewin'!!! ;)

    1. Thank you for providing such great patterns! I'm working on the Baby Slip dress now and can't wait to share my version of it! Hopefully, it'll be up on the blog by next week! I'm too busy enjoying a sew-free weekend right now, haha! Hope you're having a great one as well!

  3. Thank you kindly for putting my pattern into your Top 20 list, Julia :-)

    1. Thank you so much for providing the free pattern and tutorial! I'm learning so much from experienced sewists like you! Thanks for stopping by!


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