Monday, July 1, 2013

A Family Day Out in Red, White, and Blue!

We had a wonderful weekend, how about you? I think it was mostly because the weather was so cooperative but I also got to spend time with family and friends and grill tons of yummy...chicken! Seriously- that's all my kids will eat these days! But it was delish still and I will just have to find different chicken recipes to change it up a little bit!

As promised, I've got my little girl's 4th of July dress all done! It was really quick this time because I had already made the skirt the same night I pulled an all-nighter to complete the ADORABLE peter pan collar dress from my previous post. Don't ask me why I had to make two skirts for one dress- let's just say I really suck at math.

We went out and had a fun family day at the playground and then went to visit grandma who's currently going through chemo for stage two breast cancer. She's one tough lady and I admire how well she handles all three kids when they invade her little home! 

On to the details about the dress...I kept it as simple as possible. After completing the previous (and more work-intensive) two dresses in less than 12 hours, I just wanted this one to go fast. I layered leftover lace at the neckline of a bodice that I copied from a peasant top. I created lace bias tape to use as the straps, connected the top and bottom and lastly, put in an elastic waist band to give it shape. Simple and quick and so easy to put on by herself!

We paired it with her "Dorothy" shoes, of course.

By the end of the photo shoot, she was just ready to get dirty. Hooray for easy clean polyester!

So the boys won't be left out, I got some snapshots of them in their matching red, white, and blue as well. 

And I decided to coordinate myself with them as well. I bought this vintage dress at a local thrift store for $8. That's usually more than I'd pay for a piece of clothing from there- but I LOVE the cool chevron pattern and the colors! You just don't see this stuff anymore in the big box retail stores! And if you do, it's waaaay over-priced.

Happy 4th of July from our little family to yours! 


  1. I included this post in a 4th of July round-up from the links at Give Me The Goods! Its totally adorable!! Thanks for sharing with us!!
    Dimples & Pig Tales

    1. Thank you Amber! Thanks for hosting such a great link party!


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