Friday, January 31, 2014

KCW Day Six: The Greenpoint Cardigan

I'm so happy I was able to sew up some stuff for my boys during this KCW challenge. It's always a little more challenging to sew for boys but I think with the right fabrics and patterns, it gets easier. Also- Pinterest has been exploding with great boy clothes inspiration and that really got me motivated to make more stuff for my boys.

I really lucked out at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I found almost two yards worth of this beautiful blue knit fabric and since it was a medium weight, I felt it was perfect for the Greenpoint cardigan pattern by Hey June.

The trim is a houndstooth jersey knit from Girl Charlee fabrics. They don't seem to have the gray color available anymore but there's also black and brown too- great neutrals for pairing with other colors!

I think my biggest boy is quite adorbs in this cardi. I made the size 6 and it fits very well. The sleeves are a little long on him but he's a tiny thing and normally wears a size 5 even though he's 7 years old!

The only change I made to the pattern was that I used only three buttons on the lapel since I used larger than normal buttons. Four may have been too many for this kid to handle on his own. He can't even stand zippers!

This is another one of those super duper great unisex patterns that I adore so much! I'm going to make one for each of the kiddos- I just love cardis for layering! 

Yay- day six down and just one more to go! My next project is an awesome upcycle that is making me want to run back to the thrift store for more colorful knit sweaters! Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

KCW Day Five: A Wild Bimaa Top Paired with Sarouels

I've been in a sewing frenzy for this winter KCW challenge but I'm having a lot of fun making clothes for my kids. I mistakenly thought sewing winter wear would not be as fun as summer wear but man oh man, I was sooooo wrong! 

There are so many things you can make to wear during the winter: vests, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, boleros, cardis, skirts, leggings, sarouels, hats, scarves, etc. etc. The list is longer than I thought and I'm trying to make a bit of everything since winter is quite possibly gonna last until May again this year! 

Today, I present to you an adorable wild print sweater designed by LouBee Clothing called the Bimaa top paired with sarouels that I drafted just for K. 
The top is absolutely wonderful and easy to sew. I've already made two (the other was part of yesterday's outfit) and I plan to make some for the boys too. I love unisex patterns since I have both boys and girls to sew for. The fit is spot on too which is awesome!

The top is a lightweight sweater knit that K absolutely loves because of the comfort and stretch. Ditto with the pants- they're made from a stretchy Ibiza knit and I purchased both materials from 
The cuff on the pants are leftover material from a pair of thrifted pj pants that I had used to make K a pair of ruffle bottom pants. I thought the leopard prints would look great together even if they're not exactly matching. 

Was I right?

This is quite possibly the most grown up outfit I've made for K. It might be because there's not an ounce of pink or purple in sight but she still looks wonderful in it. She really loves the feeling of knits so she's inspired me to sew with them more now. 

She looks classy and grown-up without being too grown-up. Know what I mean? I love this outfit and wish I had one in my size!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

KCW Day Four: The Little Red Outfit

I gotta admit, I'm in love with this outfit! I love the colors and the fun print on the skirt. I love the ruffles and I love that she's so comfortable in this that she actually WANTS to wear it. And who says you can't wear pretty clothes during the winter? Using the right materials, you could totally make a skirt or top that works for cold weather too!

I love the variety of snuggle flannel prints that Joann Fabric carries. K and I spotted this print and snatched it up right away. It was too cute to pass up! I may need to go back and pick up more prints when they go on sale again (you know- for future winter sewing because winters up here last for 8 months!)

And with this print, how could we not choose red to pair it with? I found some leftover yardage of red fleece and knew I wanted to make a ruffled bolero to go with a ruffle skirt.

I drafted the pattern for the bolero myself and then followed this easy-to-follow ruffle skirt tutorial from Made. I made K's skirt a little longer because she's growing tall pretty quick and this skirt should last another year at least! 
The white shirt is actually the Bimaa top from LouBee Clothing. I did not attach a cowl to the neckline though because I wanted it to lie flat beneath the bolero. I used this pattern for day five's outfit too (with the cowl neck.) Wait til you see it- it's seriously adorable!

I just love how the ruffles frame her little face and gives it a very girly feel without being too frou-frou. 

We have ourselves another winner! She told me she feels very pretty in this outfit so I know it'll be worn quite often. I'm a very satisfied mommy-seamstress! See you tomorrow for day five of the KCW challenge.

KCW Day Three: Foxy Upcycled Sweater

Okay- so today's post lacks a lot of photos because I have an uncooperative model but I did manage to sneak a few cell phone shots in during lunch so you can see how this darling upcycled sweater looks on a body. 

I used a thrifted Russell brand sweatshirt for the fox face and sleeves. The gray sweatshirt material was leftover thrifted fabric and the nose and eyes are simply black felt appliqued onto the front of the sweater. And the white fur on the ears? Also thrifted faux fur material! Yeah, I know- I hang out at the thrift store a lot but look what came of it!

My inspiration for the sweater came from this design found on my Pinterest board. I love large modern applique on children's clothes~ as seen on my previous KCW post as well!

What else is there to say? He's adorbs! I love this sweater and plan to make a few more upcycled animal sweaters for my other kiddos. Still plenty of faux fur left over and my daughter requested a panda sweater so why not? =)

I'm so happy to be keeping up with the winter KCW challenge. I thought winter wear would not be as fun to sew up as summer clothes but I was totally wrong! It's been a ton of fun and there's more to come tomorrow! I'm truly excited for day four's post because I made THREE pieces! Stay tuned!

Monday, January 27, 2014

KCW Challenge Day Two: See Kate Sew's Kaleidoscope Top

Ahh, I made it to day two of the KCW challenge so I guess pre-planning and preparation actually does work! I'll have to keep that in mind for future projects. =)

Today, I sewed up a fun and easy top from See Kate Sew (Purchase the pattern here.) I upcycled a thrifted golf tournament blanket for the base of the sweater- I think I have enough left over to make a miniature version for the littlest! 

I knitted the collar a few years ago and it was originally going to be the border of a knit skirt for K when she was a baby but I never got around to finishing the skirt. Did you know that knitting takes a long time especially when there are young, demanding children around 24/7?! But I love the truly handmade details of knitted items and so I had to add this touch to the sweater!

The unicorn was K's special request. She makes one for every item I sew up for her and I guess if I want her to wear it more than once, then I must comply as long as the request is within reason.

I drew up the unicorn silhouette onto some white fleece then appliqued it on the front of the sweater. I had imagined just sewing gold sequins to the horn but K wanted lots of colored sequins so I gave in again. The colorful sequins match her personality anyway. I really like how the large graphic applique really makes this '80s-inspired top really modern and girly.

I didn't finish off the sleeves as the pattern originally suggests. I kind of like the unfinished look and since the fabric doesn't ravel, it was fine. 

She loves the look of this outfit- so retro, groovy and cool. =) 

Yep- this one's a keeper. It's comfortable, pretty, and layerable. (That's not technically a word, but you know what I mean!) 

Go get the pattern for the Kaleidoscope sweater if you haven't already! It's a great unisex pattern that sews up in less than an hour! Maybe you could sew it up for the Spring KCW challenge! =)

Kids Clothes Week, Day One: Blizzard Fleece Puffer Vests!

I'm baa-acck! I've been on a very long blogging hiatus due to many factors but now my calendar has unexpectedly cleared up and I've returned to my sewing room to pump out some winter gear for my kids. The polar vortex ain't got nothin' on these soft, warm blizzard fleece puffer vests! 
I made one for each of my three kids but only two got photographed in time for this post. I cheated and got a head start on my KCW winter sewing but these three vests took me only a few stolen hours during a two-day period to make. 

First up, my baby's houndstooth vest. I "quilted" both the front and back on his so it's poofy but not so poofy that it makes his arms hang like the Michelin Man's- know what I mean? Plus- if it did that, he'd probably never wanna wear it and this cute vest would go to waste!
I love how the collar frames his face and keeps his neck warm. I'm wishing right now that I'd gotten better pictures of him but he hates being the focus of the camera now that he's nearly two years old. 

See what I mean? This big pout courtesy of a big "NO" from momma when he demanded to be behind the camera instead of in front of it. On the other hand....his big sister is still a fantastically willing and submissive model.

So of course, I had to girlify her puffer vest because the boy version I drafted up was meant for boys, not girls! I'd always wanted to make a ruffle collar top for K because I fancy how the ruffles can frame a face and make it even prettier. Right? Isn't that what ruffles do? That trend started way back when and if done right, can look downright adorbs!

I sure do love how her vest turned out and so does K. The lining and pockets are a snuggle flannel print that she and I both loved the instant we saw it and luckily, it went very well with the blizzard fleece polka dots! 
I didn't quilt the front side of her vest but did so to the back. Why? I don't know- designer's whim, I guess. I like how it turned out though and wouldn't change it at all now.

These blizzard fleece puffer vests were SO EASY to make- especially since I didn't need to sew on buttons, zippers or even velcro! These vests are meant to be layered over cute graphic shirts that peek out and tease you. I love how they turned out and that my kiddos all like wearing theirs. Of course, they get super steamed up wearing them indoors~ after all, they're meant to be worn outdoors to combat the effects of the polar vortex!