Thursday, January 30, 2014

KCW Day Five: A Wild Bimaa Top Paired with Sarouels

I've been in a sewing frenzy for this winter KCW challenge but I'm having a lot of fun making clothes for my kids. I mistakenly thought sewing winter wear would not be as fun as summer wear but man oh man, I was sooooo wrong! 

There are so many things you can make to wear during the winter: vests, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, boleros, cardis, skirts, leggings, sarouels, hats, scarves, etc. etc. The list is longer than I thought and I'm trying to make a bit of everything since winter is quite possibly gonna last until May again this year! 

Today, I present to you an adorable wild print sweater designed by LouBee Clothing called the Bimaa top paired with sarouels that I drafted just for K. 
The top is absolutely wonderful and easy to sew. I've already made two (the other was part of yesterday's outfit) and I plan to make some for the boys too. I love unisex patterns since I have both boys and girls to sew for. The fit is spot on too which is awesome!

The top is a lightweight sweater knit that K absolutely loves because of the comfort and stretch. Ditto with the pants- they're made from a stretchy Ibiza knit and I purchased both materials from 
The cuff on the pants are leftover material from a pair of thrifted pj pants that I had used to make K a pair of ruffle bottom pants. I thought the leopard prints would look great together even if they're not exactly matching. 

Was I right?

This is quite possibly the most grown up outfit I've made for K. It might be because there's not an ounce of pink or purple in sight but she still looks wonderful in it. She really loves the feeling of knits so she's inspired me to sew with them more now. 

She looks classy and grown-up without being too grown-up. Know what I mean? I love this outfit and wish I had one in my size!

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