Wednesday, January 29, 2014

KCW Day Four: The Little Red Outfit

I gotta admit, I'm in love with this outfit! I love the colors and the fun print on the skirt. I love the ruffles and I love that she's so comfortable in this that she actually WANTS to wear it. And who says you can't wear pretty clothes during the winter? Using the right materials, you could totally make a skirt or top that works for cold weather too!

I love the variety of snuggle flannel prints that Joann Fabric carries. K and I spotted this print and snatched it up right away. It was too cute to pass up! I may need to go back and pick up more prints when they go on sale again (you know- for future winter sewing because winters up here last for 8 months!)

And with this print, how could we not choose red to pair it with? I found some leftover yardage of red fleece and knew I wanted to make a ruffled bolero to go with a ruffle skirt.

I drafted the pattern for the bolero myself and then followed this easy-to-follow ruffle skirt tutorial from Made. I made K's skirt a little longer because she's growing tall pretty quick and this skirt should last another year at least! 
The white shirt is actually the Bimaa top from LouBee Clothing. I did not attach a cowl to the neckline though because I wanted it to lie flat beneath the bolero. I used this pattern for day five's outfit too (with the cowl neck.) Wait til you see it- it's seriously adorable!

I just love how the ruffles frame her little face and gives it a very girly feel without being too frou-frou. 

We have ourselves another winner! She told me she feels very pretty in this outfit so I know it'll be worn quite often. I'm a very satisfied mommy-seamstress! See you tomorrow for day five of the KCW challenge.


  1. Oh my it is adorable and she is the cutest little girl ever...what a sweet model you have there / the photos are lovely.

  2. Love the red little jacket! And the adorable model :)


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