Wednesday, January 29, 2014

KCW Day Three: Foxy Upcycled Sweater

Okay- so today's post lacks a lot of photos because I have an uncooperative model but I did manage to sneak a few cell phone shots in during lunch so you can see how this darling upcycled sweater looks on a body. 

I used a thrifted Russell brand sweatshirt for the fox face and sleeves. The gray sweatshirt material was leftover thrifted fabric and the nose and eyes are simply black felt appliqued onto the front of the sweater. And the white fur on the ears? Also thrifted faux fur material! Yeah, I know- I hang out at the thrift store a lot but look what came of it!

My inspiration for the sweater came from this design found on my Pinterest board. I love large modern applique on children's clothes~ as seen on my previous KCW post as well!

What else is there to say? He's adorbs! I love this sweater and plan to make a few more upcycled animal sweaters for my other kiddos. Still plenty of faux fur left over and my daughter requested a panda sweater so why not? =)

I'm so happy to be keeping up with the winter KCW challenge. I thought winter wear would not be as fun to sew up as summer clothes but I was totally wrong! It's been a ton of fun and there's more to come tomorrow! I'm truly excited for day four's post because I made THREE pieces! Stay tuned!

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