Friday, April 4, 2014

Free Tutorial and Pattern for a Portable Felt Board

Just before Christmas, I posted this portable felt board:

And now I FINALLY got my act together enough to post a tutorial WITH pictures! I know, I should give myself a raise. Another free pattern and tutorial in just a one-month span is pretty awesome and over-achieving for me.

I actually got this done just in time for Easter, as planned~ I'll be sewing up a bunch for my kiddos as Easter basket gifts. So I should probably go get started on cutting those felt shapes- it'll be a handful of late nights with my scissors, felt, and Netflix but I think it'll be well worth it! 

Also, for some very awesome quiet book or felt book templates, you should go check out Plenty of ideas and templates to use if you ever run out of your own ideas!

Download the tutorial with pattern dimensions here. And Happy Easter Sewing to you all!