Monday, January 27, 2014

Kids Clothes Week, Day One: Blizzard Fleece Puffer Vests!

I'm baa-acck! I've been on a very long blogging hiatus due to many factors but now my calendar has unexpectedly cleared up and I've returned to my sewing room to pump out some winter gear for my kids. The polar vortex ain't got nothin' on these soft, warm blizzard fleece puffer vests! 
I made one for each of my three kids but only two got photographed in time for this post. I cheated and got a head start on my KCW winter sewing but these three vests took me only a few stolen hours during a two-day period to make. 

First up, my baby's houndstooth vest. I "quilted" both the front and back on his so it's poofy but not so poofy that it makes his arms hang like the Michelin Man's- know what I mean? Plus- if it did that, he'd probably never wanna wear it and this cute vest would go to waste!
I love how the collar frames his face and keeps his neck warm. I'm wishing right now that I'd gotten better pictures of him but he hates being the focus of the camera now that he's nearly two years old. 

See what I mean? This big pout courtesy of a big "NO" from momma when he demanded to be behind the camera instead of in front of it. On the other hand....his big sister is still a fantastically willing and submissive model.

So of course, I had to girlify her puffer vest because the boy version I drafted up was meant for boys, not girls! I'd always wanted to make a ruffle collar top for K because I fancy how the ruffles can frame a face and make it even prettier. Right? Isn't that what ruffles do? That trend started way back when and if done right, can look downright adorbs!

I sure do love how her vest turned out and so does K. The lining and pockets are a snuggle flannel print that she and I both loved the instant we saw it and luckily, it went very well with the blizzard fleece polka dots! 
I didn't quilt the front side of her vest but did so to the back. Why? I don't know- designer's whim, I guess. I like how it turned out though and wouldn't change it at all now.

These blizzard fleece puffer vests were SO EASY to make- especially since I didn't need to sew on buttons, zippers or even velcro! These vests are meant to be layered over cute graphic shirts that peek out and tease you. I love how they turned out and that my kiddos all like wearing theirs. Of course, they get super steamed up wearing them indoors~ after all, they're meant to be worn outdoors to combat the effects of the polar vortex!


  1. These are both adorable. Love them both.

  2. How do I get the pattern or tutorial to make this?


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