Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Little Pony Birthday Party Decor- Take Two!

For K's 5th birthday, I've been trying to recreate the above picture into a theme! It's been so much fun- mostly because Rarity is so much like me: she loves designing clothes and loves beautiful things! Let's see my progress so far:

Well??? The colors are very similar, aren't they? I knew I wouldn't be able to make it exactly imto Rarity's home on my minuscule budget, but if I could match the color scheme and the lavish patterns then I'd get it close enough so that K can see it coming to life. Nearly 5-year-old eyes are very discerning, I've learned!

All right, so to the left, we have the "Beauty Boutique" where makeup and hair will be done. I ordered the face paint set from Party City online. I think it was around $10 and I got free shipping too.
Since all the Halloween goodies have already gone up, I picked up some pink and purple hair spray too. The girls will dig this, I know! 

Here's an image of what I wanted to do with the face paint. So pretty, isn't it? I think mommy might need to join in on the fun on party day too!

And to the right we have the "Fashion Boutique!" That's pretty self-explanatory! I'll be using K's dress up rack filled with all the dresses I've made for her and she and the girls will get to mix and match pieces to create their own special looks. I may even just let them go home with them since K has quite a bit of clothes!

I'm calling this a "lanternlier" because it's a lantern made fancy to look like a chandelier. I just put this together yesterday and I'll be pairing it with some paper pompoms and balloons in coordinating party colors. It's gonna look so pretty hanging above the boutique!

This mirror was an awesome find at the Goodwill! It's small enough to hang on the boutique 'wall' so the girls can see their makeup easily.

I cut this necklace holder out of scrap cardboard and K decorated it with MLP stickers. I also cut slits into the bottom so it can slide onto the back board that is the "wall" of the boutique. Isn't it so practical and cute? I like it because the girls will be able to remove the necklaces easily without them tangling up.

All dollar store materials created this sign. The flowers were thrifted though
and I have more that I plan to use to decorate "pony hair" that will go in the party guests' hair. 

This awesome throw will be used as a rug in our fancy little boutique. Thrifted treasure- I love it! Isn't the chevron pattern so modern? And K can still use this in her bedroom after the party too so that was a great $2 spent!

Also thrifted: these fabulous pink and white globe lights! I got three of them for $3 each! Also another item that can be used elsewhere after the party.

And these are just some fun party signs I created for our boutiques. 

I'm getting excited for a party that's not even mine! I have some fun activities planned as well and I'll share those next time as I start to gather my materials. 
I have a special Rarity dress I designed just for my daughter. I'm still trying to find the time to actually sew it together but kids, school, and life just keep getting in between me and my sewing room!
But when I do get it together, I promise to share the pattern with you. I don't know if I will have time for a tutorial but the pattern will still be put up. It's fairly simple and can be customized to be any of the ponies or just an everyday dress! 


  1. I think your daugter is going to love this party!!! Are the booths going to be on the table or on the floor? I'm so excited to see you use different types of decorations to set the mood. IF you haven't thought of cookies yet, maybe do some Mirror Cookie Pops? Try to replicate her mirrors in that picture.

    After Christmas, I'm going to have a blast looking for jewel/diamond/pearl garlands(which I've decided will be put on the drink table "Crystal Empire", along with rock candy and edible diamonds; strawberry, cream soda, and sprite soda pops put into mini sparkling cider bottles *fancy drink*, punch with a huge heart ice cube put in a crystal punch bowl, etc.)

    Maybe you can do a fancy drink table, well that's what I'm doing, I don't mind if you take any of those ideas! lol. I'm on a budget, so I've been looking around for d.i.y. or tutorials for every and anything (recycling glass bottles/jars, handmaking special favors, cookies, cupcakes, tiered cakes, decorations, fabric table cloths, sewing apron skirts, headbands, making paper mache boxes, and so much more.

    1. Thanks Toyya! I can't wait to show off the final party decor! Please wait for it- just a few more days! I will try to get the party featured this coming Sunday if I'm not too pooped from the party this Saturday!


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