Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Little Pony Grand Finale

Ok, ok, so I'm about five days late on this post but it'll be worth it, I promise! There's just so much to share from this fun little party we had this past Saturday, I don't even know where to begin! But I will begin with thanking my sister for helping with two days of prep and for doing the girls' hair and face paint/makeup. K especially enjoyed being all dolled up for her party and what makes her happy makes me happy!

Let's start with the decor...

I love the height the balloon topiaries give the table. Thanks to my awesome sister, A, for putting them together for me! I wrapped some colorful wrapping paper around some garden pots and once the topiary went in, I stuffed some fabric inside to keep it upright. 

On the wall above was this cute picture my other fab artistic sister, C, drew at my request: a K and Rarity poster with K's monogram in the upper right. Everyone loved it- I'm going to request one for my son's birthday in December! Won't they look great in the kids' rooms later on?

I decorated this plain white cupcake stand myself since I couldn't find anything ready-made on the shelf that fit our theme. I wrapped ruched tulle around the edges, punched some purple flowers out and sewed white pearly beads in the centers, then added some pony characters to the front of the cupcake stand. It turned out super darling! I will have to remember to keep colorful tulle on hand for decorating at all times!


K and I found some star lollipops for only 19 cents each so we grabbed handfuls of them and created little "lollibouquets" for the table. The blue and white swirly pops were leftover from our VHC party earlier this year. My kids don't eat candy very often at home so I needed to get rid of them somehow!

I set up the fashion and beauty boutique on a bench and side table, off the floor, so that the colors of these fun boards would be more visually appealing for the kiddos. I didn't have time to decorate the "shopping bags" but white is pretty chic, isn't it? You can also spy one of the skirts I had made for the fashion boutique in the bottom corner.

The beauty boutique was filled with necklaces, color hairsprays, hair extensions, nail polishes, and face paint. I also hung a picture of the six mane ponies that K colored inside the 'boutique.' 

This pretty monogram decoration is made from foam core painted over several times in gold and bronze. I originally wanted to cut the poster of K and Rarity and put it inside this frame but once I saw the poster, I just couldn't bring myself to cut it. So instead, I put K's monogram inside. I wanted to introduce some gold to the decor since Rarity's house is filled with gold oval framed windows.

For activities, we did some face painting, hair and dress up and also decorated some t-shirts!

Isn't my niece fabulous as Rainbow Dash?

And my sister did such a great job with the hair!


My littlest enjoys his pony ears too. I hot glued all the ears to headbands so they would be easy to put on or take off.

My niece and my son showing off their t-shirts designs. Too darn cute!
And the birthday girl getting ready to blow out her candles! Happy 5th birthday again to my big girl! She truly enjoyed her special day thanks to the help of family and friends! 

Hope you enjoyed these DIY party ideas! Thank you soooo much for stopping by today!


  1. Beauteaful. It's great blog
    Be Creative Mommy

  2. So cute! What a talented family you have. I love the poster especially!


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