Thursday, July 18, 2013

KCW Day 4: You Call It Pants and Linen & Lace Tank

From Suburbia-Soup comes the You Call It pants- a pattern similar to the harem pants I made for my son the previous day but without the cuffed hems. I made mine from a floral rib knit from Girl Charlee Fabrics and my daughter says they are so soft and comfortable that she wants to wear them all day long. She has actually worn them since last night when I finished them- yep, even to bed! They're that comfortable!

I admit, quite sheepishly now, that I did not want to make harem pants at all! I think they're terribly ugly- but I was wrong. Ok- only half wrong because they're still terribly ugly on adults but on kids, they're freakin' cute!

I made a linen and lace bow tank to go with the pants. I had no idea if she'd have a shirt to match the style of the pants so I just sewed one up quickly last night.

The linen is a pretty mint color and it's sheer so I had to layer it for the front bodice. 

The back bodice is that thrifted floral eyelet lace that I used in my first KCW project here. It's definitely getting a lot of use for KCW summer challenge!

I felt like the tank was missing something on the front- like a collar or something and then instead of going with a cute peter pan collar, I decided to make a simple bow to pin on. I may add the peter pan collar later if I'm so inclined. I think that would be cute too but my daughter seemed to like the little girly lace bow.

They're so cute in their harem pants.

I love the pattern- it's simple and so fast to sew up! I have a feeling this pair will get lots of wear and that's just how I like the handmades to be! That completes day four of KCW for me! Still got nothing planned for tomorrow yet but I'll think of something during naptime- I hope!


  1. You are on a roll! These are really cute, I agree with you, not for adults, but on kids... Cuteness!
    Heidi @

  2. Julia,, this looks wonderful and your little model is too-too sweet! I must agree... harem's aren't the cutest on adults, BUT I'm going to attempt to change that. I got somethin' up my sleeve... *wink*

    Thank you SO much for trying my pattern!

    1. Oh goodness, I bet you'll get me to make a pair for myself- I just know it! Can't wait to see!!!


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