Wednesday, July 17, 2013

KCW Day Three: Harem Pants and Hoodie

For Kids Clothes Week day three, I knew it was time to do a boy outfit. I know I just made two of them last week for my baby but he's just so darn cute in everything, I had to make another set for him. 

This time around, I tried out Feather's Flights' newest pattern, the Harem pants. These seem to be coming back in fashion lately, for the kiddos at least! I'd never wear them myself but they really are stinkin' cute on the littles!

And whenever I make a pair of pants for him, I must also make a top to go with it! It's like hamburger and fries- you can't have one without the other- am I right? 

I made an oatmeal linen hoodie with a hood in a matching fabric to the pants. Then I sewed a band of fabric to the bottom of the hoodie that matches the pocket on the pants. 

The pants were so fast and easy to sew up! I'm going to make a pair tomorrow for my daughter using a different harem pant pattern just to see how different they are from this pattern. 

My little guy looks so freakin' adorable in these pants but I didn't get pictures of him today because we spent the entire afternoon until dinner time at the beach and he's all tuckered out. BUT- I promise I will photograph him tomorrow to show you all how absolutely cute he looks in his latest handmades! Harem pants were definitely meant for kiddos in diapers- all the space in there is perfect for toddlers on the go!  

All right- come back tomorrow to see this outfit on the model- I promise it's worth it! I may even have my daughter's pants done by then too so we'll have an MC Hammer photo shoot! Haha!

KCWC day three is complete- woohoo! I'm doing great so far- still keeping up the momentum! See yo back here for day four!

Woohoo! Got updated pictures with my little guy in his outfit! Enjoy!

A great summer outfit for a boy, isn't it?

The pants are made from an almost sheer woven cotton with a wildly cute animal print on it. I just fell in love with it and knew I needed to make something out of it for my boys!

I may need to tighten up the cuffs a bit. They ended up a little large for his surprisingly skinny ankles.

I reused the modern print linen again in this outfit! It matches the pants print so perfectly, I just couldn't help it!

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