Monday, February 25, 2013

VHC Party Decor AND Favors in One!

I've got to pat myself on the back for how well-prepared I am for this next birthday party! And I've been so organized too that I'm kind of scaring myself! What has happened to change the tired, harried, and always hurried mother of three exhausting kids into Wonder Woman? I don't know. Maybe I just really love this party theme? Whatever it is, I like it and I like how it's all coming together. I may just be in a good mood because I just scored an awesome deal on three 8-packs of polka dotted ice cream cups for the party. They were originally $1.47 @ Walmart and when I got rung up, they scanned in at ONLY .75/package! I love surprise deals! If they had had more, I would've gone back and got them all but I had grabbed the last three packages already. 

All right, this post is actually supposed to be about the party favors that I finally completed today! They're so cute, I kind of just want to keep one hanging by the window to look at. They are papier-mached cocoons that have either been painted or pasted with green tissue paper. I used both methods because I wanted them to have different textures and because my kids wanted to help paint them as a way of helping with their little brother's party. 

I stuffed them with a butterfly magnet and a couple of cute gummy bugs both of which I bought from Oriental Trading Company. The gummy bugs were leftover from my older son's Valentine's Day cards and they fit this theme well enough that I used the rest of them up to fill the cocoons.

I printed a little thank you message from Noah and cut them into leaf shapes to be attached to the party favors.

I decided I would just hang them from my pussy willow branches instead of buying or scavenging for branches. We live in a townhome community that wouldn't like for us to go cutting down branches from the young trees but if you have a large tree that needs trimming, then lucky you! My previous house had a large, lovely old maple tree in back and I used to always have a ton of branches to pick up. Sure do miss it now! 

i think they look adorable hanging from the pussy willows though. I will be setting these on the table with the party favor bags so as the kids leave, they can pick one right off the tree to take home. So it really serves two functions: party decor AND favor! LOOOOVE IT! =)

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