Friday, February 22, 2013

Some More Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Decorations

Yay! I'm getting sooo much work done for the party and all I had to do was stay up until almost 1 AM every night this week! But it was worth the baggy eyes after seeing how great the decorations were coming together- better than I had even imagined when I first started planning!

First, I incorporated my caterpillar I had made a few weeks ago into the blue poster above. I pasted colored tissue dots to recreate the polka dots seen in the book. This is going to be the backdrop to a small food buffet along with the green leaf garlands I made below. The poster will hang in the middle and two garlands to each side of it.

The poster below was ordered through the Staples website. I simply uploaded a picture from the book and inserted my own text. Cute, huh? My son is a hungry little fella- or he at least acts like it all the time! That's why this theme was so appropriate for him! I can't wait to see him pigging out on all the food at his party. I'm predicting right now that the cake will be his favorite!

I haven't decided yet if I will frame the poster or merely hang it on the wall with some removable tape. But I do plan to hang it next to some pictures of him during his first year of life. 
This beautiful sun below was finger painted by my daughter and me. She had so much fun doing it and she especially liked that she was contributing to the party in some way. This will hang above our mantle-less fireplace. I'm debating about what else I should put up there with this sun, other than a little caterpillar. Maybe the simpler, the better? Well, once it's up, I'll be able to figure that out!

 Below are a couple of pictures of the very long, colorful, cheerful garland I sewed using colored card stock. I used my 2" circle punch and a 1.5" floral punch to create the shapes. Neat thing about this is that it can be used again in the future for other parties because they're so colorful!

I scored some clearance polka dot plates at Target! I think I may need to buy more but I don't plan on it being a very huge party like the two I had planned last year. Maybe 34 plates are enough? I had planned to purchase smaller red and green cake plates as well and place one on top of these in an alternating pattern on the table. For cups, I have some red Solo cups in the cupboard that I will hole punch and tie a small green leaf to it so that our guests can write their names on them. I hate mixing up cups at parties, don't you?

And finally, my daughter was so inspired by all the decorations I was putting together that she created this little caterpillar to put next to the sun she had painted. Isn't she a wonderful little helper? This morning, she even helped pick out her big brother's school outfit and laid it neatly on his bed with a pair of socks. She's only 4 and she's quite wonderful already! =)

I have a couple more decorations I have to complete before I can post them, including possibly a giant papier-mache caterpillar that will hang down from our loft into the living room. I may even fill it with candy and just use it as a pinata! The kids would probably enjoy smacking a giant caterpillar to bits, don't you think?

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