Friday, May 3, 2013

Linen and Lace Tunic Dress

 Woke up to snow flurries this morning- Friday MAY 3RD!!! Winter doesn't want to go away this year and everyone is getting mighty crabby around here these days! But I just keep sewing these cute dresses for my daughter in hopes that spring might one day decide to show up and actually STAY for awhile and then we could actually wear these new dresses outdoors instead of keeping them hung away in the closet!

This week, I made a tunic dress for K. I really love simple, clean lines in a dress because it can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion or simply everyday wear. This one falls into the everyday wear catergory and it can even be layered with a striped long sleeve shirt in the cooler months (like RIGHT NOW!) and cable knit stockings- which K did do the first day she wore it out. 

I love the see-through lace pockets! Makes it so ladylike and fun- almost like playing dress up!

For the back, I just sewed in a button and loop closure. Easy. It didn't really need it because her head fit through the neck hole just fine without opening the button but I plan on her wearing this as a shirt when she gets bigger.

I made the bottom of the dress into a hi-low hemline. I really love this look- it's modern and fun. K has a reversible skirt in this style as well...hmm, I should really get that skirt posted. It was the first real skirt I made for her and she loves it because it has a bunny print on one side. =) She's crazy about bunnies and piglets nowadays.

Here she is modeling her newest dress for me.

She's extremely camera-shy so it was pretty nice getting a few good shots of her.

Then my camera pooped right when she was gettin' into the swing of modeling. She had even lined up some of her favorite toys to take a picture with but I told her I'd have to go buy new batteries for the camera- double A's disappear fast in this household! Too many toys and remote controls! Grrr...out into this snowy weather I go. Hope you enjoyed seeing my latest sewing creation!

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