Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Handmade Wardrobe- Part Two

Hello again! As promised, I've returned with some more pieces of my daughter's expanding handmade summer wardrobe! I'm kind of annoyed at the moment because Blogger completely erased my original text to this post when I was trying to preview it. I saved after every paragraph and yet, everything got dumped and disappeared on me so I have to re-write it again! Grrrr.... But enough of that- I will try to remember what I wrote before and hope that it doesn't happen again!
Anyway- my daughter and I have been agreeing on a lot of the same styles and silhouettes but our only sticking point is the color pink. If I let her dress herself, it's guaranteed that she'll look like a walking bottle of Pepto Bismol. Now, to her, this is pretty so I let her get away with it every now and again but in an effort to expand her interest into other colors, I made mostly non-pink, but still pretty, pieces. Luckily, she has ended up liking most of them...except for the "boy-fabric" shorts from the previous post! But other than that, she's accepted everything else I've made for her! She is this difficult with new foods, too! Life must never be made easy for moms, right? Well, at least in this case, I've come out on the winning side and now I'm going to show you how I did that!

This bubble dress is my absolute favorite of all the dresses I've made for her. The fabrics were found at the Goodwill and for about $2, I was able to create an adorable look that's also comfortable. The back has three pieces of encased elastic that stretch to make it easy to pull on or off. The fewer buttons and zippers I have to deal with, the better! The elastic at the hem also allows her to walk or run freely and doesn't hamper her one bit.

We both love the bubble skirt effect, as evidenced in the next piece!

She received plenty of compliments at the mall yesterday when she wore this little number out. Nothing is more ladylike than lace and when used in a bubble skirt, it's just so darn pretty, isn't it?

We paired it with a peter pan-collared sleeveless blouse in a dainty floral print (also thrifted fabric, by the way) and the look was very ladylike indeed when worn with blue ballet flats. 

I love modern ladylike pieces for girls. It's just too darling.

This tunic was upcycled from cloth napkins that I discovered at the Goodwill for just .99 a piece! So I scooped up all four that they had on hand and used two of them to make a little tunic for her. Don't you just love that pretty floral print on the blue background? I also love that K is small enough to use just two napkins to make an outfit. Outrageous, isn't it? I'd love it if I could do that too!

I didn't even need to sew the hem- just used the original finished napkin hem and sewed up the sides. Quickest upcycle I've ever done! With a little ric rac trim and pink buttons, it was heartily approved by my daughter. Makes me wonder what I'll do when she gets bigger? And I also had to wonder who would throw out such beautiful cloth napkins?! I have two more to use for another project but for now, I plan to work on sewing projects for my boys. That's always a challenge but it'll keep me busy for awhile! Hope you found some inspiration here for your little girl! Happy sewing all!


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