Friday, May 17, 2013

A DIY Faux Romper

I finally got around to making stuff for myself! My daughter demanded that I quit making clothes for her because she has enough right now. But I really think she's just tired of fittings and re-fittings and photog sessions. It's not like she was overworked- she just doesn't seem to have the patience for the long hours it requires to be a supermodel. ;-)

On the other hand, I was able to make something that I'd been thinking about for awhile: a romper. I love rompers for lounging around in and since I just received my order of gorgeous soft knits from Girl Charlee Fabrics, I knew it was a sign to start on it! The bad thing about rompers: too much work involved in going to the bathroom (you have to strip completely naked! eek!) and going to the bathroom is already difficult with a baby balanced on one hip, right moms??? Sooo- I decided to make a faux romper: two easy, comfy pieces that can be worn together to look like a romper or if I want, I can also mix them up with other pieces to create a new look when I get bored. Who doesn't love mixing & matching cute loungewear???

 For my faux romper, I used a yard of the Vintage Revival chevron cotton jersey blend knit fabric from Girl Charlee- and I gotta say- their fabrics and prints are THE BEST! Soft, stretchy, colorful, and comfortable- I'd buy everything off that site if I could! And their prices are so affordable, I'd highly recommend going there for your knits before heading out to the fabric store or going to another online retailer!

In addition to the chevron jersey knit, I also used a purple linen fabric for the neck tie and the back of the shorts. I love mixing fabrics, prints, and textures and this little project was no exception. Well, that and because I had only ordered one yard of this fabric not really knowing what I'd want to make with it yet. But I absolutely love the purple linen with the chevron print!

The halter neck top is so easy to make- you probably wouldn't even need a pattern for them! All you'd have to do is measure the width of your chest, your waist and figure out how long you want it to be. Make curves for the neck and armpit area, figure out how much seam allowance you want and you're pretty much set. The back piece is simply a rectangle with encased elastic at the top hem to keep the top fitted to your body. Once the entire top was sewn together, I wove an elastic band into a casing at the bottom hem for a more fitted look.

I think the shorts are my faaaaavorite piece! I used another pair of shorts I liked as a pattern for these and they turned out even better than the store-bought pair! Funny how that happens sometimes, hmm? For lounge shorts, there should always be extra room for your bum because you sit around a lot and you don't want it riding up or falling too low, do ya? To make them deeper, cut the back pattern piece longer in the crotch area. See how in the above picture even though the shorts are laid flat, the purple linen comes forward and isn't laying perfectly behind the front of the shorts? That's what you want if you've got a curvy behind. I made my own pattern for these but since they're elastic-waisted, I can easily use the same pattern if I were to make any for my sisters, who are about the same build as I am. I can always decrease or increase the amount of elastic to accommodate their waists.

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  1. So cute! Great idea to separate the pieces. Visiting from Sew Much Ado!


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