Saturday, May 11, 2013

Easy DIY Girl's Tunic and Pleated Wrap Skirt

It's Mother's Day weekend and what better way to spend some down time than to sew up another outfit for summer even if it's not for myself? I think I enjoy sewing for others more so than for myself. I spend most of my days in jammies anyway so most of my wardrobe goes unworn throughout each season. I honestly don't think I've bought anything brand new for myself in months- stay at home moms have it easy as far as a work wardrobe goes! When I had a 'real' job, I was buying clothes at least once a month. Now, I just hoard fabric to make clothes and simultaneously exercise some creative demons. You see, I get real antsy if I'm not creating something new everyday. It's an awful addiction I have and now my daughter's caught it as well. She wants to craft every day: stamping, painting, drawing, stickering (is that a word?), cutting and pasting, beading...and the list goes on and on!  I honestly can't wait until she's headed off to preschool because then I'll have someone else providing her with some artsy craftsy projects as well. I'm running out of ideas of how to entertain this girl!

My latest creation comes in two parts: an adorable summery tunic from Shwin & Shwin and a pleated wrap skirt that I designed myself. I paired the two together because they looked adorable but each one can be mixed and matched with other pieces to create different looks. I adore all the looks that Shwin & Shwin creates and she also has several free patterns with instructions on her site- such a great resource for beginning sewists like myself!  

She calls it the Black Bird tunic and it's so simple to make that I finished it in just a few hours after the kids went to sleep.

The pattern is offered in a size 2T and my daughter fits 4T. I printed each page at 100% and just eyeballing it, I figured it would fit her just fine. It helps that she's built like a stick at this point. I did add an inch to the length of the bodice though because she has a long torso.

I used a lightweight seersucker for the top and instead of using a lining fabric for the neckline, I just doubled up on the fabric. And then a heart-shaped button is so much more fun than a round one, don't you think?

I think I will put together a quick tutorial for the pleated wrap skirt. They are a great beginner sewing project and look adorable on the littles! I made K's skirt out of white denim fabric and instead of a tie waist, I sewed on two buttons instead. By the way, sewing buttonholes in denim is no fun at all! But I like the resulting look of this skirt and as her waist grows, I can move the buttons farther along the waistline to accommodate her. If she grows taller, we can layer a ruffled skirt or tutu underneath and it'll be a completely new and fun look! Oh, how I do adore multi-tasking clothes!

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