Friday, May 10, 2013

The Asymmetrical A-Dress (aka Double A Dress)

Today's dress was inspired by some other asymmetrical dresses I've been seeing on Pinterest recently. With spring FINALLY sprung, everyone's been frantically pinning all sorts of pretty dresses and so I thought I'd give this style a go and see what happened. 

This is a typical A-line dress with an asymmetrical design. Simplest dress that can me made, I think! And it can be customized so many ways! 
The sleeves have a slight gather to them and I contemplated whether I should make them into puff sleeves by gathering the hem...I think I might do that because her arms are so skinny and the sleeves seem rather baggy on her.

I created the curved hemline after I finished sewing on the ruffle and created the little rosette at the bottom. It just seemed like it needed to happen once the rosette was in place and I love the effect it creates! 

This girl needed a pocket and a large one at that! She collects little toys, rocks, junk, whatever miniature items that fit into her palm and I've learned it's a necessity to double check her pockets before throwing her clothes in the washer.

Have I mentioned before that we love ruffles? At least, on little girls. I haven't attempted ruffles on anything I've made for myself but if I can find the right design inspiration, I just might give that a go as well!

I originally wanted to do a hidden zipper but decided to sew it in exposed because it matched the silver fabric so nicely.

Oh yay! My brat approves the dress! 


  1. That's a fun and cute little dress.I like your blog design too!

  2. Such a cute dress and your daughter is adorable.. Happy sewing.


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