Thursday, May 9, 2013

My First Pattern Projects- Success!

Hello, hello! Today, I wanted to share with you my first two sewing projects using patterns! I've never sewn with any before although I have a small collection of vintage patterns that I love looking at for inspiration. I guess now that I've had success with these two, I might just have to try them out, right?
Well, let's get to it! I'm so excited about my success with these two projects even though the patterns were pretty simple. Always start with the simple stuff, right? Guaranteed success, ha!
This first one is called U R My Sunshine dress from Sewing in No Man's Land although she has recently started a new blog at Wild Wandering. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE the outfits she makes for her daughter! I fell in love with this one immediately and knew my daughter would too. 

This dress took me an entire day to make- in between meal preps, dishes, diaper changes, and refereeing a 4 and 6-year old, that is! The ruffle skirt took the longest but it's the essential piece needed to make this outfit what it is! I used a lightweight cotton voile in light blue with white polka dots, which are hard to see in these pictures but they're there and they're adorable! I scored the cotton voile, along with a matching pink one, at a local thrift store for around $4. When I opened the package of fabrics, it turned out that each piece was 2-3 yards each! Deal of the century, I tell you! I've already used the pink voile but still have enough left over for more projects!

The belt is loose and not attached to the dress. I may need to attach it eventually but K doesn't like it on. It does help to give the dress a little more shape though and since my daughter is shaped like a stick, it's necessary- plus it gives it a bit of sweet sassiness. =) 

The skirt is actually a separate piece from the "over dress." I love that because K can wear it with another top or over dress if she wants! I'm obsessed with mix and match pieces because you can create multiple looks with fewer pieces! Imagine how easy it would be to pack for your kids when you travel!

We love ruffles! So cute, isn't it? On to the next one!

In addition to ruffles, K and I also really love bubble skirts! This bubble peplum dress is from another blog I love, Straight Grain. I made this dress as a birthday gift for a niece and I fell in love with the shape and fit of it so I felt K needed one as well (a little girl can never have TOO many dresses, after all.) This dress was easy to make, even as a novice sewist, it took me only a few hours to complete. The birthday gift version was made with a zipper but for this one, I decided to just cut a tear drop back opening with a single button. 

We used a heart-shaped button at K's request- in pink, of course! She also picked out the fabric at JoAnn's and she didn't care that it was Easter-themed. She loves Easter anyway, she says. =)

I used such a flimsy nylon lining that it was a bit difficult to sew. Next time, I'll stick with the satin stretch fabric that I used on the birthday dress. K loved the bright pink lining though, and yes, it is soft and silky against her legs so she liked that even more. 

My little model didn't want to do photos today (she's in high demand and picks and chooses when she wants to work) so I'm stuck with just showing you these as they are but trust me, these are the CUTEST ever on little girls! Fun, comfortable, and so pretty for everyday wear in the spring and summer time. 

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