Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Short & Simple Tutorial on Making Colorful Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee filter flowers are so popular because of the endless possibilities you can create with them. I'm going to show you how I'm making mine for an upcoming Cinco de Mayo party we're having. It's so simple, even kids can help with this one and they turn out gorgeous!


First, get your coffee filters painted! Watercolor is gorgeous and works best because it's a lighter medium than acrylics. My daughter helped me paint some filters before taking off outdoors to play. Nice weather is hard to come by these days so I didn't mind being dumped. =) Then get your glue dots out and ready to use.

Take two painted filters and cut spirals, making each strip at least 1" wide for ease of handling.

When you get to the center, cut into it a little deeper so the next step is easier to do.

Wrap the centers of each filter around each other, kind of like they're hugging. If the cut into the center is too shallow, they won't hug very well so snip into a little more if needed. You can add a glue dot here so the two pieces stay together.

Then start wrapping or rolling or twisting, whatever you wanna call it. I moved counter clockwise but if you're a lefty, you'll probably roll the opposite way. Add glue dots as you go to keep the emerging flower intact. 

One end will be slightly shorter than the other. Just add glue dots to that and press it to the longer end.

I love glue dots. They're my latest adhesive addiction! Not even lying- they're pretty neat and work great for putting coffee filter flowers together! Press the last long end to the flower and you're done-zo!

I used a scallop edge scissor to add interest to this one. Reminds me of a Japanese block print painting of ocean waves and blossoms.

I'm obsessed with these! I originally wanted to use them as a garland but because they're so delicate, I decided to just use them as centerpieces on our taco bar buffet. Scattered everywhere, they'll look gorgeous, don't ya think?

The color combinations are endless! Have at it and brighten someones day with these little pretties! 

They make a great replacement for the usual bow on a box, too! Party favors for a garden tea party, perhaps? They remind me of a Monet painting almost. All right, I'm going to go make some more- Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner! =)

Here they are scattered on a Dollar Tree place mat that I plan to use for our Cinco de Mayo party. I'm in love with all the bright pretty colors of this little holiday! And I loooove Mexican food so it's going to be as stomach-pleasing as it is eye-pleasing. =)

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