Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party: Final Post!

This is my final post on the VHC party I threw last weekend for my son! A good friend of mine asked her sister in-law to be photographer for a day and she got some great pics for me! So thank you, thank you, thank you! I never have time to take pics because of all the general craziness that comes with a kids party and I love how all the colors pop in the pics! I'm just going to post pics and put a few short comments on a few so you know what's goin' on. Enjoy! 

I hung the fabric banner I made up on the living room wall over the pictures of my kiddos. Can you tell I'm crazy about them? =) 

Food from the book with signs. 

The kids made caterpillar jars as the first activity. Here, my son is making caterpillar "poop" although he should've been making food out of the play dough. Boys! =)

I bought these butterfly/grass stems from the dollar store. Great for spring decor too, not just a party!

My daughter in her birthday outfit. 

Because his birthday landed on Easter weekend, we weren't able to do a traditional Easter egg hunt so I decided to toss some "caterpillar eggs" into the ball pit. Each kid got to choose one color and they were allowed only to hunt for that color egg in the ball pit. It was wild fun and the kids looooved it! I think I may have to do this again but using different prizes in the pit.

Wild times in the ball pit. BEST investment ever at just $60 for all of the balls and the pool!

Our party room.

Party favors with magnetic butterflies hiding inside.

Caterpillar balloon art with food sponge stamps. 

Tried to make the cake more caterpillar-ish but this was as good as it got. 

He's amazed by the candles. I decided to put candles on a few cupcakes so the other kids could blow some out as well. Kids seem to enjoy that for some reason.

And he scores! (a very yummy cake, that is!)

Makes me smile every time. =)

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