Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pretty in Pink Flutter Apron Dress

My daughter's been asking for something pink for weeks now and I finally delivered this week! I made another apron dress in her favorite color and I think it actually is pretty despite the fact that I'm not so attracted to the color. I made it about 2 inches longer than I normally would because I want it to last her through next spring (plus- she doesn't have a little sister to pass it down to which she complains about constantly.) She's growing like a weed lately and is almost as tall as her big brother so people continually mistake them for twins despite their 2-year age difference!

The pink butterfly fabric is actually a thrifted bed sheet. It actually had a pastel rainbow of butterflies printed on the entire thing but I cut out only the pink butterflies to satisfy my daughter's request for an all pink outfit. Pink seersucker fabric and tulle make up the rest of the skirt and then I appliqued a butterfly to the top instead of sewing on a pocket that will never get used. 

What girl doesn't love ruffles? 

I love the casual but dressed-up feeling of this outfit. Not to mention that it'll keep this skinny sweaty girl cool in the summer time. The dress looks awesome paired with a short denim jacket as my daughter wore it today but I didn't get pictures of that and now I'm scared to ask her to model for me again because she gives me the "eye" that says, "Really, mother, AGAIN?" I swear, for a 4-year old, this girl has got a teenage complex already! I'm soooo not prepared for that hormone-laden period in my children's lives yet. I hated that period in my life- so much uncertainty and yet so many expectations. Shudder. I'm so happy to be in my 30s!

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