Saturday, April 6, 2013

Red, White, and Cute in Blue: Cool Summer Outfit

I looooove how this outfit turned out! My daughter, K, is sooo skinny and sometimes it's a blessing and sometimes it's a curse but being able to dress her using fabric from the remnant bin is definitely a blessing! Lately, she's been growing taller rather than wider which meant she needed new pants. I'm not happy with how uncomfortable she is in those adjustable waist pants. Doubtless they're a great invention but I have to adjust them so much for K that it becomes uncomfortable when the denim scrunches up and becomes so stiff that when she bends or sits, the buttons dig into her tummy. After countless complaints, I figured it was time to learn to make custom pants just for her. Now I can make them stylish and comfortable for her and at very low cost considering a pair of pants is less than a yard of fabric!

These pants are made from a light weight, breathable and comfortable chambray. Perfect for spring/summer and just in her size! This was my first time making pockets and I wanted them to stand out on the pants so I lined them with a starburst fabric from Ikea. It had previously been used as a curtain but after a good wash, I snuck it into my fabric stash after we moved and just finally found a great use for it! I even made yards upon yards of bias tape with it so it'll definitely be used again in future projects! 
The pants have skinny straight legs custom fit for my daughter. She wasn't home when I made them so I didn't get to test them on her until I'd finished the entire garment. Luckily, they fit her perfectly- I may just need to add some elastic to the back of the waistband but that's a 5-minute project that can wait until tomorrow. 

The shirt fabric was a 1/2 yard remnant on sale for 50% at Joann Fabrics so I think it was about $3. I made this shirt and have scraps for a rag tutu for this girl of mine. =) I save all my fabric scraps- the pile is almost as big as my fabric stash...and they're both growing a bit everyday. I loooove fabric- so many pretty colors and patterns that continuously inspire me to make whatever I can possibly imagine!

I think I need to make that red bow a bit smaller now that I see the pictures...right? But altogether, a very nice, not pink, outfit that K actually loves. She especially loves the shirt because of the heart cutout on the back. She'd been asking for one of these for awhile so being a devious mommy, I put it on a blue shirt so I could see her in different colors. (If you know her, you know she loooooves pink to the ends of the earth!) She's gorgeous in royal blue and with the added red bias tape detail around the neck and heart, it was still girly enough for this pink-loving girl. 

I've got a few other completed spring/summer outfits that I'll post as soon as my lazy butt gets around to taking some more pictures. I spend more time finding inspirations and sewing my ideas into reality that I just don't bother to take the time but I'll try to get to it tomorrow and get two or three more posted up for everyone to see!

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