Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Love Candy and Ruffles Outfit

My girl loooves candy and ruffles. I love polka dots, stripes and color. I thought this outfit reflects both of us together and thus, the name: I Love Candy and Ruffles. This, by far, is K's favorite outfit I've made for her. How do I know? Because she wore it every other day over the past week and I even had to launder it already so she could wear it again today. She says it's comfortable (jersey knit top) and the skirt is just so fun and she gets complimented on it every time we go out. She loves the attention despite being shy with strangers. =) I've discovered that she's also afflicted with the same obsession that I have: a love of visually stimulating design, colors, and patterns. In other words, we love pretty things, no matter what form it comes in. If we find it pleasing to the eye, we want it to be ours. Now that I stay home, I have time to devote to this mutual obsession through sewing and man oh man, we are gonna need a lot more space in our house to devote to this!

Now about the outfit: 90% of the fabric was thrifted. The pink ruffle at the bottom is a scrap from a fabric quarter that was on sale last week for 99 cents at JoAnn's (I used that fabric for a shirt/skirt set); the purple polka dot fabric was a remnant and the yellow ric rac trim is also from JoAnn's. Overall, I'd estimate this whole outfit cost about $5 in materials and just a day to complete (don't forget to factor in the meal preps, diaper changes, and chores to that day as well!)

I really lucked out when I found the colorful polka dot fabric at Goodwill. It was about a yards worth for only $1.99 and I still have enough leftover to make something else...hmmm.

Ahhh, ruffles. So girly and sweet. As long as it's used in small doses, it can be so freaking adorable and adds just a touch of pretty to a simple top. A wrinkled top actually! Sorry- it was taken out of the dryer last night and left in the basket until I got around to folding clothes this morning. As soon as K saw it, she said she wanted to wear the outfit again so I just put it on her without ironing. Ah well, kids don't care anyway, do they? 

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