Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spring Baby Dresses for a New Baby!

No, no, no- first of all, before you congratulate me, I have to set the record straight. No, I'm not having a baby- my sister is. She's having her fourth girl and I'm soooooo very happy and excited because I get to sew for a brand new baby girl! I've never done that before- it's a bit different and a bit similar to sewing for my little girl. The difference being that the baby can't say no to anything I make for her and I can still have a ton of fun mixing and matching prints.

So- check out my first two dresses I made for the yet unnamed baby girl. 

I used the free Baby Geranium dress pattern from Made by Rae for this first vintage floral, stripe, and lace number. It really is a ton of fun mixing prints and I get so inspired when I see a winning combination. This was definitely a winner!

The floral print is a French cabbage rose fabric sample and the skirt is made from thrifted linen fabric. The eyelet lace trim was found during an antiquing trip.

I love the little lace-lined pocket. I only added one pocket instead of the two recommended in the pattern. Newborns don't really use their pockets, right? 

And on the back, I applied a simple elastic loop and fancy button for the closure. This dress was so easy and fast to sew up so if you have a new baby girl to sew for- go grab this pattern and get sewing! You can modify this dress so many ways- add sleeves, lace trim, buttons, etc.- to personalize it and it always looks great because of its classic shape.

This next little dress is my own design! It's a peasant bodice with a layered skirt and eyelet lace sleeves.  Again- a super duper fun time mixing and matching fabrics and trim!

The skirt underneath is fuller than the outer skirt so it bells outwards which makes it easy for baby to kick her legs at will without any fabric hampering her movements. 

This little dress is lightweight- great for those hot Florida days! I'll be making a matching ruffled diaper cover to go with this soon and perhaps a little sunhat too? Adorbs!

I'll be sewing up more stuff for baby and will post them as they're completed! 

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  1. I saw your link on make it nad love it... this dress is absolutely gorgeous! great work ion all your designs (in the other posts too!)


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