Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Sweet Upcycled Sweater

Okay, so this is a super duper later KCW post- it was finished for day seven, the last day of KCW, but I had issues with Blogger so I shut my laptop before I started to pull out my hair. 

So now you know and we can move on!

This is another fun upcyle that turned out great, in my opinion. I found the knit skirt at the thrift store and it was originally from Target. Don't you just love the fun colorful stripes???

I had seen a swingy, slightly baggy but girly sweater on a kids clothing website (I've forgotten where now or else I'd link to it!) and just loved the shape and fit of it. 

So I decided to draft a similar top for K and it was so easy! Instead of a straight bodice, I cut a slight bell shape instead. I added lace trim at the sleeve seams and at the bottom hem to make it even more sweet and girly.

The short sleeves are from another thrifted sweater and the collar of the sweater is from the bottom hem of the skirt- I simply folded it in half and applied it like bias tape and it was done!

I don't know why I like this combination of top with skirt. It seems like major stripe overload but I just thought it was adorable together! K did too- and when she wore this outfit out into the cold the other day, we simply layered a long sleeve  shirt underneath the sweater with a pair of colorful leggings under the skirt with her boots and she was a fashionable upcycle do!

I seriously enjoy fun colorful upcycles and look forward to sharing more with you soon! I've got a lot of thrifted treasures that are just waiting to be turned into something wonderful!

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