Saturday, March 23, 2013

Getting Ready for Summer!

Yep! We are about three months past ready for summer around this madhouse. Winter is clinging rather ferociously this year though and it makes me sad because just this time last year, we were enjoying 60-70 degree weather and copious amounts of sunshine. How do I remember this so well? Because at that time, I was ready to explode. With a baby, that is. Yeppers, it's almost time to celebrate my littlest's very 1st birthday and the party is almost complete- just need to buy the food! I can't wait to post up pictures of this party- it's probably going to be the last 1st birthday I'll plan so I want it to be memorable! 

But back to the point of THIS post...summer! We are getting ready for hot weather by making some new hot weather-appropriate dresses. I started with sketches of ideas I've had over these long winter months and with tons of inspiration from Pinterest. The first one I put together was the simplest of the dresses: an open-back apron dress. I'm dying to have one for myself except I don't know if I'm brave enough to go completely bare back- I'd probably go the modest route and put on a cami/tank underneath the dress. But here's a picture of the dress on my skinny sweetheart:

She's a mop head but it's excusable because this was late at night and she'd been lolling around on the sofa watching tv when I nagged her to take a quick picture for me. She's so darling and helpful and when I thanked her, she said so prettily and ladylike-ly, "You're welcome." =) I'm not doing too bad with her, I guess! Haha.

Anyway, the dress was quick to put together, especially since it's just a simple stretch-waist skirt attached to an apron top. No sleeves, buttons, zippers, and barely any hemming to worry about. The color combinations are endless! I even made one for my baby niece and can't wait to see her in it this summer!

Here's a closeup of the "apron" front. I used the floral embroidery stitch on my sewing machine to attach the heart. It's not done neatly but I kind of like it looking like this. I originally intended for the heart to be a pocket but then I realized it would be a very dysfunctional and sad pocket because it would probably never be used. My daughter prefers purses to pockets- see, very ladylike, isn't she? =)

And this darling version is for my niece. Isn't it so pretty?! Because she's so adorably chubby, I chose to use a wider, more comfortable stretchy waist. 

I sewed a real pocket on hers although it's so small, it would probably only fit two quarters in it! I absolutely love this birdy fabric on the apron top! I have enough yardage leftover to make a dress for my daughter- like she needs another one, ha! I've made her three dresses in the past two weeks along with three pairs of shorts, one reversible skirt and two summery blouses. I'll post pics of some of my kid creations once I get around to taking some proper pictures of them. 

I absolutely looove this sparkly gray fabric as well. It's a cotton/poly blend and has a silky feel to it but is soooo much easier to wash and dry like normal kid's clothes!

See- it really sparkles! =) Perfect for a darling little girl that I haven't seen in months and miss so much! (Hint hint, brother and sister in-law!) 

Kids are wonderful inspirations for creating fun, beautiful things, aren't they? I have become addicted to sewing so I will start posting more about the things I'm making for my kids and for myself. And ooh yeah- we have a fashion show tea party planned for next month and I'm definitely going to be posting about that then! Sooo excited and inspired by the promise of warmer weather on the way! Happy sewing everyone!

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