Monday, August 12, 2013

Tutu Much Love and Some News...

This post is a day late and I apologize wholeheartedly- but I promise it was worth the wait! 
Who doesn't love a pretty tutu? Little girls and tutus go together like a hamburger and fries; like milk and Oreo cookies; like- you know what I mean, right? No little girl I know hates tutus and I came up with the idea of layering vintage lace with tulle for two reasons: 1) my daughter doesn't like the scratchy tulle against her legs but loves the look of it and 2) I found a bunch of vintage lace for quarters while antiquing for fun one weekend. 

So I thought, why not combine the two and make a pretty skirt that can make her feel like she's playing dress up but still be practical to wear out and about without looking overdressed? 

And then I thought about my pretty nieces who also enjoy feeling pretty and twirly in their dress up clothes and I thought it would be fun to make some for them as well.

Can I tell you a secret? All the outer fabrics on the skirts were all thrifted. The ivory lace is actually an old lace curtain I fell in love with. The only 'new' fabric I used was the cotton lining and the tulle and yet, you'd never guess these were old, unwanted fabrics because look how fabulous they look!

I also made flutter sleeve tanks to go with each of their new tutus. They were quick and easy and I may have made one of them a mite too big but at least she'll get to wear it again next summer!

K says her top feels "ballerina-like." She's aspiring to be a ballerina one day so she took to the top as quickly as she did to the tutu.

And below, my niece models her white and pink version in a very ballerina-like pose. Such a darling!

The elastic waist means at least two more years of wear and that's pretty awesome for families with girly girls who love dressing up but can't always afford to buy dress-up clothes. Pssst...why are they so darn expensive anyways? It's not like they're all that well-made either! 

But when it's handmade, you can customize to your heart's delight and they turn out a heck of a lot prettier than anything you'd find in the dress up aisle at Target. 

And now for my little bit of news: I plan to make these to sell soon!!! And they definitely will not be out of most people's price range either. I will update with more info about that as soon as I get things rolling. But I do plan to have matching accessories, tops, and leggings to go with them so that these tutus can be worn into colder seasons as well. Hopefully, there will be enough interest in these to keep funding my sewing addiction. Please follow me (see sidebar) to stay updated about these darling tutus and everything else I'm up to! 

Oh- and weren't my little models fabulous? Even Tiger, the fluffy dog, got in on the action and gave a big cheesy smile to the cam. Haha! I should've made a tutu for him as well!


  1. This are so so cute and I love that you used thrifted fabric!

  2. Wowza! Those skirts are precious! So are those little girls!

  3. Those skirts are so cute! I love how they turned out, and the girls seem to love them! (I love that the fabric is thrifted!)

  4. beautiful outfits and girlies! Great work!


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