Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nifty Thrifty Addict

I have been doing a lot of thrift store shopping lately- or thrifting, as I like to call it. I've developed a huge addiction to vintage sheets, fabrics and notions and thrift stores have been helping to feed that addiction. My most recent purchases totaled a whopping $40 and I got 2 plastic bags full of bias tape and lace seam finishings; ribbons of different sizes and yardages; almost two yards of beautiful black lace; a bag of vintage quilting scraps (gorgeous colors, too); two beautiful great condition vintage sheets; and 28+ yards of knits, wovens and chiffons. Pretty nifty, huh?

I found a gold mine at a chain thrift store that's about a thirty-minute drive from where I live but it's well worth the trip and I'm thinking of making a monthly shopping trip there to find some treasure! And I thought, why not make it a monthly blog post as well??? I know I always enjoy seeing what others find at thrift and antique stores, not to mention garage sales, and who doesn't enjoy shopping and scoring great deals???

Check out what I scored for my first Nifty Thrifty feature:

I love all the fabrics I found but my absolute favs are the coral colored denim and the coral and turquoise gauze, which by the way, was ONLY 99 cents for the entire three yards! I'm contemplating making a floaty summer maxi dress with it...hmmm. The coral color is so hot right now for spring and summer! 

My favorite color is green as well so the jersey slub knit was an especially cool find. Just looking at all these fabrics is filling my head with future sewing projects! I'm certain you'll be seeing these fabrics very soon again in the near future!

Now check out the vintage notions I found to add to my stash:

And I just love how my little dollar store basket fits everything perfectly. If the collection/obsession continues to grow, I'm going to need a few more of these nifty baskets.  

I can't wait to put some of this fabric and notions to good use! By the way, the collage at the top shows the two vintage sheets I mentioned earlier- isn't that birch tree print on the top sheet sooo cool? I think I may just frame a section of it because I love all the colors! It's a piece of art- why would anyone wanna sleep on that? ;-) Anyway, happy thrifting everyone! 

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